My Life Success Plan

Having discussed my main goal and broken that down into bite size chunks ready to achieve step by step goals that will lead to my ability to meet my goal, I move on to the next step in the process I am taking.

This step to me is to work out my life success plan and how a want to go about achieving these goals.

First things first.

It is important to recap that my main goal and the goal that is always in my mind is to Retire by the time I am fifty with 2 million pound worth of property to live off in my coming years. It is a definitive goal with a set deadline for completion and I have a compelling reason to want to achieve this goal.

The only thing that stands between me and reaching my goal is MYSELF.

I can fail in my goals that should lead me to my ultimate goal, but as long as I try a different approach and get myself back on track I will still get there. I read a quote that I found very interesting,

“Every plane spends most of its journey of course but just continues to return to its desired course until it arrives at its destination”


Only we can stray off course and not direct ourselves back onto it.

My plan for success.

There is really only one ground rule that I have set myself in achieving my sub goals and ultimately my main goal. I must do so morally and ethically. Stephen R Covey wrote in “the 7 habits of highly effective people” that you should imagine attending a funeral, only to find out that the dead person sadly was you. How would the people at that funeral be talking about you. What would the eulogy sound like.

For me I would want to hear people discussing a honorable, helpful person. Someone that was loved and loved others back. To achieve this I must live my life with love for others, being honorable and helping others as much as I can.

So my life success plan must be to meet these principles that I have set myself and strive to achieve everything that I want to achieve through these principles.

Love others

So I want to achieve my goals with love for others. I want to try to build relationships with other people, relationships that give them the sense of my love for them and my wish to help them wherever I can. You can’t fake these feelings everyone has heard the saying, “you reap what you sow” and I believe that if I love other people that love will be returned.

To build my goals that we discussed in my last post I need to try to do so with this principle in mind. So I want to look for a way to earn additional income by loving others. (building relationships with them, helping them).

I want to look for ways to improve my current value by loving other people.

Being Honorable and Morale

No one wants to consider the fact that people may consider us dishonorable or in morale but sometimes people lose track of the right path. This can be especially so if they are striving for challenging goals or achievements.

While I want to achieve an additional income and to increase my value to my current employer I can’t do this by hurting, deceiving or undermining others. I must try to stay on the right pathway for me to truly succeed.

Helping others!

This one in my mind is really the underpinning principle that I need to live by to achieve all of my wishes. I have found over the years that if you can help other people the “reap what you sow” statement is particularly prevalent. It is inevitable that the people that you help wherever you can will at some point return that favor and this is the basis for strong happy friendships. These friendships are the basis for happy coexistence with everyone around you and will help you to achieve your goals.

My success plan!

You will notice if you look back at my goal ideas from the last post that there are two goals that I can achieve by helping others and living to these principles. There are two goals that require me to learn more before I can proceed with further goals in that arena, and there are two goals that I will carry out with the view to improving myself.

These are not broken down like this by accident. They work within my frame work of principle centered goals and they also work to improve myself and give me the best chances to achieve these and future goals by being, a Honorable, morale, loving and helpful person.