Is Network Marketing Easy??

As you will be aware if you have read any off my other Blog posts I have been documenting my pathway to early retirement. During this process I have started a network marketing business, I believe having done a lot of research that this was going to be the best approach to start earning additional money quickly.

However I have also seen countless adverts and posts by multitudes of people telling me that you can make a fortune for Network_Marketing_Easydoing nothing. Let me tell you this be not the case if you want to build a successful network marketing business. Is network marketing easy? I don’t think so, is it still a good option I believe it can be.

Work Hard Play Hard

We all work hard daily. The majority of the population go to work somewhere in the region of 40 hrs a week. We have targets that we are expected to hit, and time restraints placed on us by those in authority. This I know from experience is hard work. Once in a while you will find someone that genuinely loves the job they do but they still work hard at it.

We are taught from a young age that if we work hard we will be rewarded, however more and more in these times of growing uncertainty this be not the case. I am sure that numerous people reading this post right now know exactly what is like when you reach your targets just to have them raised for the next month/year. We then have to work harder again.

There are millions (guesstimate) of people in the world that are now on zero hour contracts, performance related pay excreta, they are still working hard but for what reward.

In my last post I discussed some self development books, the last of which I have just read was Grant Cardone’s 10X. He points out in his own unique style that we work hard all of our lives just to achieve normal. Why not work harder for a shorter period of time to achieve great!!

What’s Normal?

For most of us we have grown up expecting to go to school and get an education. As children, we are told to work hard because we will need good qualifications to get a good job. These so called good jobs are no longer that good. I agree there are some good jobs but let me ask you, how many of those good jobs are going to give you the chance to retire at fifty these days.

Normal for most is what is sometimes known as the 40-40-40 plan. We work forty hours a week for forty years in a hope that we will receive 40% of our yearly income when we retire.

Lets just negate this theory now!!

  1. I don’t know that many people that are trying to succeed that get away with only working 40 hours a week anymore.
  2. I know for a fact in England if you went through university and started work even as late as 25 years old, you still can’t retire after 40 years. These days you need to be seventy to retire. (until they put that up again).
  3. Most pension plans are now depleted and you will not get 40% as you may have hoped for. However, the majority of us can’t live on the wage we are earning so why when we reach retirement age are we going to be able to live on 40% of that amount?


Network Marketing, its not Perfect just Better

So if we have established that the NORMAL Plan be not going to work for us what do we do. this was where Grant Cardone has just made things perfectly clear for me, I have stated all my adult life that I will retire at 50 years old. As previously mentioned at the start of this year this idea looked like a long forgotten pipe dream. Why?

I have been shown the light and I now know why. I was forced to ask myself what is normal is as stated above do I want that, no! What actions have I been taking, well if I am being completely honest I know I am a hard worker but other than that I have been taking NORMAL levels of action so how do I expect to get extra-ordinary results from taking normal levels of action???

Kaching, The light bulb moment. If I want better than normal I need to take better than normal actions. If I put 10 x the efforts into a normal day job would that improve my chances of retiring at fifty. Yes probably slightly, however if I put 10x more effort into Network Marketing do you think that maybe I would stand a real chance of making a difference in my life?


Hard work condensed into a short period.

The one thing that I do consider myself to be good at is taking peoples ideas and plans and altering them to suit my needs and abilities. Grant Cardone suggests that if you apply ten times the effort and aim at goals that are ten times higher than what you would ultimately have set then you can’t fail to achieve.

With this in mind I have adjusted slightly for my new network marketing business and believe that if I approach the business with this mindset I can build probably within six months to a year a substantial wealth generating business. This will produce for me a residual income and will be well-established.

I can then dial back the efforts a little and channel my efforts into the next part of the master plan which would be to make the profit from this business work even harder for me and earn me even more income.

Work hard in the right areas and that equates to working smarter.

Is Network Marketing Easy?

I would say almost categorically not. However I have options the same as you, I can persist with the normal in which case I still have over thirty years of working hard to come my way, or I can try to work so hard in the next couple of years (and I mean at the levels where people tell me that I should slow down, the levels where my feet and fingers will probably need to be replaced once finished lol) that I won’t have to work more than ten more years.


Let me ask you, if someone said you could work hard for the rest of your life to get 40% or you could work really hard for the next few years to put yourself in a position to achieve great success for you and your family, what would be your CHOICE?