How to work less to earn more?


After the recent May bank holiday many of us probably returned to work wondering how we could get out of work or indeed work less to earn more. I know for me and many others out there this probably feels like an allian concept but there must be a way?

In the US May Day is linked to the fight for an 8 hour work day, how many of us work those hours now. How many of us have counted the number of hours unpaid over time we end up doing, or the hours opf traveling that we do just to get back and forth to a place of work that some dont want to go to.

More often than not our working hours and lives leads to detrimental health effects, stress and exhaustion but to name just two.

Work is not working

Many people are so pressured at work that we turn up even when ill. This actually just makes more staff ill and in turn reduces the productivity of everyone. We tend to work when we are at home or even in some circumstances on holiday. We Work_less_to_earn_morecan be rewarded for this additional work, we can be praised for our effect of turning up even when ill.

Have we stopped to consider though how this is affecting our own well being, our mental state of mind or even our relationships with those that we suggest we are working to provide for?

The demand for longer working hours and more productivity has not been helped with growing ousterity and with less jobs availiable we all feel the need to justify our own existance in employment.

I heard a quote “in 1900 only 10% of the american population were employed by someone, the rest were self employed. In 2000 only 10% of the american population were self employed, the rest were employed”

I am not saying that these figures are correct i have not personally checked them, but it does give food for thought.

Are you being productive?

All the hours we are forced to be at work, are they productive hours? I am sure that probably 90% of you at some point have killed time whilst being at work waiting for you time to clockoff. Would it be more beneficial for employers to aim for productivity rather than hours?

Recent evidence suggests that shortened working hours can boost health and increase productivity, so why do employers persist to push their employees even harder? This falls back onto a built idea in the majority of our brains. Time levarage, we have been brought up to except that we can earn more money by working more. This in most circumstances is in fact true but their is a limit.

We can only work ourself so hard before we break so the person that works as a worker will always have a ceiling on their own earning potential. Sure we can get promoted and earn slightly more. We could head in the route of being self employed but again that realies on you earning the money.

Business ownership, now that is not easy but an option but it still relalies on you being able to employ people that will leverage their time for money and you need to encourage them to be productive with their time.

Residual Income

What is Residual income this is an income that continues to be generated after the act of work has been completed. For an example royalties on nbooks, songs etc create a risdual income. The work gets done and then the providor still gets paid long after finishing that work.

This sounds like an option i may want to considor! carry out some work and get paid for months or years after! why isnt everyone doing it?

Residual_incomeWell that is simple as discussed above we are all encouraged to believe at school and during our youth that you earn money by going to work. You work hours to get paid, and then you go home and spend time with your family. But as discusssed above work is broke!

We can not continue to expand our working days. We cannot continue to work at home and on holiday it is affecting our health, it is affecting our relationships. It is afeccting our fundamental effectivness at work. It is backwards.

How to achieve Residual income

Their are a few situations in which you can achieve a resuidual income without being a musician or author. Are they easy? No they are not, but are the achievable, yes they are.

Network Marketing – This is a way to achieve a residual income. It is pretty frowned upon within society but i belive that is changing and could well be on the cusp of massive growth around the world as many seek to find an alterbnative to work.

Affiliate marketing – This is a different option that basically entails online marketing for brands that are already established and willing to pay a commision to people that recomend their products.

Their are other ways but i am less familiar with those.

How to work less to earn more!

Creat a residual income !!!

Work is broken. we all need to find a way to work less, our health may depend on it!